Historical Architecture

800-year-old temple found in Bangladesh


An 800-year-old Vishnu temple has been found in Bangladesh. An at least 800-years-old temple has been unearthed in Dinajpur’s Kaharol that has a unique architecture and

Ancient Brazilians reused homes for centuries


An analysis of ancient pit houses found in Brazil suggest that the homes were occupied continuously for centuries. Though larger communal pit houses were sometimes abandoned,

Fossil Findings

300,000-year-old hominin remains found in Morocco


Hominin remains dating back 300,000 years have been found at Jebel Irhoud in Morocco. “This gives us a completely different picture of the evolution of our

Human History

Human tooth recovered from Civil War sub


A human tooth has been recovered from the H.L. Hunley, a Civil War submarine which sank in 1864. While most of the remains of the eight

Revolutionary War-era musket ball tests positive for human blood


A lead musket ball fired during a battle in June 1778 has been tested positive for human blood protein. "It's very exciting in the fact that