Historical Architecture

Neolithic house found in Abu Dhabi


The foundations of a 7,500-year-old three-room home has been found on an island off the coast of Abu Dhabi. "This style of architecture is unique for

800-year-old temple found in Bangladesh


An 800-year-old Vishnu temple has been found in Bangladesh. An at least 800-years-old temple has been unearthed in Dinajpur’s Kaharol that has a unique architecture and

Fossil Findings

300,000-year-old hominin remains found in Morocco


Hominin remains dating back 300,000 years have been found at Jebel Irhoud in Morocco. “This gives us a completely different picture of the evolution of our

Human History

Human tooth recovered from Civil War sub


A human tooth has been recovered from the H.L. Hunley, a Civil War submarine which sank in 1864. While most of the remains of the eight

Revolutionary War-era musket ball tests positive for human blood


A lead musket ball fired during a battle in June 1778 has been tested positive for human blood protein. "It's very exciting in the fact that