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WWII Submarine found near Denmark


The wreckage of the HMS Tarpon, sunk in 1940 by an armed German merchant vessel, has been found off the coast of Denmark.

HMS Tarpon was destroyed by a heavily armed German merchant vessel with the loss of at least 50 British lives on 10 April 1940. The wreck, which was reached by Danish divers 50 miles from the shore last week, is being treated as a war grave.

The divers found some of the hatches open, the glass in the periscope shattered and severe destruction below the tower where it appeared to have been hit by a depth charge. There was also evidence of a battle, with two of its torpedo tubes empty. German naval records suggest the Tarpon had fired twice at a German merchant ship before being sunk in a devastating counterattack.

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Story: Lars Ostenfeld & Robert Booth, The Guardian | Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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