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Greco-Roman artifacts found in Alexandria

A collection of artifacts dating to Hellenistic and Byzantine eras have been found in Alexandria, Egypt. Excavators from Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities have discovered a collection of Graeco-Roman artefacts during excavation work carried out in Alexandria’s Babour El-Maya area. Mahmoud Afifi, head of the Ancient Egyptian Department at the Ministry of Antiquities,

Ice Age artifacts found in Indonesia

Jewelry and art dating back between 26,000-22,000 years has been found in Indonesia. The artifacts, which include pendants and beads made from the bones of "pig-deer" and monkey-like marsupials, date back at least 22,000 years, researchers report in a new study. Archaeologists discovered the artifacts in Wallacea, a 1,000-mile-wide (1,600 kilometers) zone

17th-century artifacts found under mansion floor

Conservationists have recovered artifacts dating back to the 17th century in Petworth House in England. The Marble Hall was built by the 6th Duke of Somerset in the 1690s as the impressive formal entrance for his new mansion. Apart from minor work in the 1920s to lay power under part of

Thousands of Native American artifacts revealed after wildfire

A wildfire in the Rocky Mountains in Wyoming has revealed thousands of Native American artifacts. A wildfire high in the alpine forests of northwestern Wyoming has revealed a vast, centuries-old Shoshone campsite, replete with cooking hearths, ceramics, and stone tools and flakes numbering in the hundreds of thousands. The site, found along

Revolutionary War artifacts found in Virginia

Artifacts dating back to the Revolutionary War has been found in a cellar in southeastern Virginia. Then archaeologist Michele Brumfield discovered an ancient brass plate that at first looked unmarked — yet when turned over and brushed off a few seconds later revealed the engraving: "Lt. Dickson, 80th Regt. of Foot."Arti Though

1,500-year-old golden medallion unearthed in Denmark

A small collection of gold artifacts, including a medallion have been found by a local man and his sons on the Danish island of Lolland. Among the gold discovered was a so-called bracteate, a thin gold medallion worn as jewellery during the Germanic Iron Age. Archaeologists at Museum Lolland-Falster believe that

15th-century artifacts unearthed in southwest England

Medieval artifacts, including a child's shoe, have been unearthed in the town of Newton Abbot by a team of researchers from Cotswold Archaeology. Archaeologists digging in Newton Abbot town centre are excited after unearthing an ancient child's shoe and other everyday artefacts which could date back to the 1400s. The finds are

Copper artifacts found in northern Germany

Construction work in northern Germany has unearthed a variety of ancient copper artifacts. A group of ancient copper items found at a construction site in June, including three pieces of jewelry and an ax, has turned out to be possibly of "national significance," the northern German city of Osnabrück said on