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Bronze Age house found in Slovakia

A 3,000-year-old dwelling has been found in central Slovakia. Archaeologist Roman Hron?iak supposed to find settlement holes, but the real discovery surprised him. The discovery of the dwelling is significant not only for Detva but for whole region, according to the archaeologist. Until now, only holes were found in Detva but it

Bronze Age weapons found in Scotland

3,000-year-old bronze weapons have been found in a field in northeastern Scotland. “The hoard of artefacts, which are around three thousand years old, is the find of a lifetime. It is very unusual to recover such artefacts in a modern archaeological excavation, which can reveal so much about the context of

Burnt mound from Bronze Age excavated in Scotland

Road construction in Inverness has uncovered burned mounds which date back to the Bronze Age. The mounds are large piles of burnt waste, often including ashy deposits and stones that have been shattered by heat. They are usually horseshoe-shaped and found close to streams, and archaeologists say that they are the product

Bronze Age village excavated in England

Excavations at a 3,000-year-old Bronze Age village in Cambridgeshire that was built on a wooden platform over a river channel have been completed. One winter some 3,000 years ago, a development of highly desirable houses was built on stilts over a tributary of the river Nene in Cambridgeshire, by people whose

Remains of Bronze Age couple found in Russia

The 4,500-year-old skeletons of a man and woman holding hands have been found near Lake Baikal in Russia. Experts speculation that this ancient couple are an elderly man and his wife or concubine, buried for eternity in a show of affection. There are some unique aspects to the couple who are

Bronze Age burial uncovered in England

An archaeological survey of a future development site has led to the discovery of a Bronze Age burial. “The really unexpected find was a ‘beaker’ burial. This large burial pit contained a near complete Early Bronze Age vessel known as a beaker, covered with intricate patterns, and a polished stone archer’s

Bronze Age Wheel found in England

A wooden wheel dating back between 1100-800 B.C. has been found in Cambridgeshire, England. "This remarkable but fragile wooden wheel is the earliest complete example ever found in Britain," chief executive Duncan Wilson said. "The existence of this wheel expands our understanding of Late Bronze Age technology, and the level of sophistication