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5th-century gold artifacts found in Swedish ring fort

Gold rings and a coin have been found at a 5th-century ring fort in southeastern Sweden. The coin was made in honour of Western Roman Emperor Valentinian III, who ruled between 425 and 455. The emperor is depicted on one side of the coin, with his foot resting on the head

Hoard of Iron Age coins found in England

A hoard of Iron Age coins has been found by metal detectorists in Lincoln, England. Sean said he was aware of what the coins were because he had found one before. He said find was ‘historic’ because they were the earliest known coins to be used in Britain. Sean added: “I have

Silver coin cache found in Polish castle

A cache of silver coins has been found in the 17th-century Czluchów Castle in northwestern Poland. Eighteen silver coins from the mid-seventeenth century were found by archaeologists from Warsaw during the excavations at the Cz?uchów castle (Pomeranian province). The coins were probably hidden during the Deluge in 1657, the discoverers believe. The

Hoard of Roman coins found in Cornwall

A couple metal detectorists have uncovered a hoard of nearly 2,000 Roman coins. A pair of metal detecting enthusiasts have spoken of their disbelief and joy after they unearthed nearly 2,000 Roman coins in a farmer’s field in Cornwall. Mixed up with the money was the remains of a pure tin container,

Gold coin and ivory found in Bulgaria

A gold coin dating back to the 7th century A.D. and an ivory icon have been unearthed in Bulgaria. Archaeologists working at the Rusokastro fortress site near Bourgas on Bulgaria’s southern Black Sea coast have made a rare find, an ivory icon that they believe would have belonged to an emperor. News

1,100-year-old coin found in Scotland

A 9th-century coin has been found near evidence of a longhouse at Burghead Fort in Scotland. Dr Gordon Noble, senior lecturer at the University of Aberdeen, said: “The assumption has always been that there was nothing left at Burghead; that it was all trashed in the 19th century, but nobody’s really

Roman coin found on Orkney island

A Roman coin dating to the 4th-century A.D. has been found in a roundhouse on the island of Rousay. The copper alloy coin was found at the Knowe of Swandro, the location of a Neolithic chambered tomb, Iron Age roundhouses and Pictish buildings. The archaeological site is at risk from coastal erosion. Roman

Roman gold and silver coins discovered in Spain

Gold and silver Roman coins have been found at a copper mining site in Spain. The discovery is of "incalculable value and a milestone in the archeology of this mining area," according to the archeologists from Atalaya Mining, the company running the mine who found it. The discovery was reported by