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Canaanite DNA studies

Researchers have mapped the genomes of five 3,700-year-old Canaanite skeletons. Researchers reconstructed the genomes of the 3,700-year-old remains of five Canaanites unearthed in Sidon. Comparisons of these genomes with those of other ancient Eurasian peoples indicate that Canaanite ancestry was split roughly 50-50 between the early farmers who settled the Levant

Egyptian mummy genomes mapped

Researchers have analyzed ancient DNA obtained from mummies interred at Abusir el-Meleq in Egypt. Although many of the first extractions of ancient DNA were from mummified remains, scientists raised doubts as to whether genetic data, especially so-called nuclear genome data, from mummies would ever be reliable, even if it could be

Hominin DNA found in cave sediments

Researchers have managed to recover hominid DNA from cave sediments dating back between 14,000-550,000 years. Scientists in Germany have recovered ancient human DNA from sediment, not bones or teeth, in a finding that could offer a new inroad into our own evolutionary history. A team from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary

Neanderthal plaque DNA analyzed

Researchers have compared the plaque found in the teeth of Neanderthals in Spain to Neanderthals living in Belgium, learning that the Spanish Neanderthals were vegetarians while those who lived in Belgium ate rhinoceros and sheep. In a 2013 study, a team led by Cooper sequenced preserved plaque to uncover upheavals in

Neanderthal DNA still influences health today

I recently got my genes sequenced and found out that I am made up of 2.8% Neanderthal DNA. Turns out that some of those genes are still affecting my health today. Neanderthals are still affecting what illnesses some people develop, how tall they are and how their immune systems work, despite

Researchers seek sources of ancient DNA

Matthias Meyer of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology is leading a team of scientists in a search for new sources of ancient human DNA. Imagine being able to collect the DNA of a human ancestor who's been dead for tens of thousands of years from the dirt on the

DNA of ancient rice undergoes sequencing

Researchers have sequenced the DNA of ancient rice found at sites in Japan and Korea. In an effort to glimpse the past use of the cultivated cereal, a team of scientists dug into the genome of grains of rice excavated from archaeological sites in Japan and Korea, and the research team's