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Ten rock-hewn tombs found in Egypt

Ten tombs dating back Egypt's Late Period (664 B.C. - 332 B.C.) have been found in Aswan. Embalming materials for Middle Kingdom vizier Ipi rediscovered on Luxor's west bank During excavation work in the area neighbouring the Agha Khan mausoleum on Aswan’s west bank, an Egyptian mission from the Ministry of Antiquities

Egyptian mummy genomes mapped

Researchers have analyzed ancient DNA obtained from mummies interred at Abusir el-Meleq in Egypt. Although many of the first extractions of ancient DNA were from mummified remains, scientists raised doubts as to whether genetic data, especially so-called nuclear genome data, from mummies would ever be reliable, even if it could be

Embalming materials found in Luxor

A cache of 3,900-year-old embalming materials have been found in Luxor, Egypt. Mahmoud Afifi, head of the antiquities ministry’s Ancient Egyptian Antiquities Department, said that the jars were first discovered in 1921 and 1922 by American Egyptologist Herbert Winlock inside an auxiliary chamber in the northeast corner of the upper courtyard

Burial chamber found in Pyramid at Dahshur

A burial chamber has been found inside a 3,800-year-old pyramid at the Dahshur royal necropolis in Egypt. The wooden box is inscribed with "Hatshepset," which likely does not refer to the pharaoh Hatshepsut but rather someone else with a similar name, the researchers said. Last month, another inscription, written on an alabaster

3,500-year-old tomb unearthed in Luxor

Archaeologists working in Luxor have unearthed a major tomb dating back to the 18th dynasty. He said that, despite having been reused in the Late Period, the tomb still contains most of its original funery collection. The contents include well-preserved wooden coffins decorated with coloured scenes, as well as wooden funerary masks