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Evidence of Mesolithic cannibalism found in Spain

Evidence of cannibalism has been found in a cave near Valencia, in Spain. In a recent paper for Journal of Anthropological Archaeology, University of Valencia anthropologist Juan V. Morales-Pérez and colleagues describe their discovery of human bones covered in marks that suggest what they delicately refer to as "anthropophagic practices." Carbon

Ancient skulls show mixed features

Partial skulls dated back more than 100,000 years show traits from modern humans, archaic humans, and Neanderthals. These new fossils suggest that far-flung groups of ancient humans were more genetically linked across Eurasia than often previously thought, researchers in the new study said. "I don't like to think of these fossils as

Human remains found at Neolithic site in Wales

Human remains, including several teeth, have been found at a Neolithic site on a Welsh island. Archaeologist Catherine Rees said: "Human remains are incredibly rare outside of megalithic tombs in this area as bone seldom survives in North Wales. "Several teeth have been recovered which will enable scientists to discover more about

14,000-year-old hunting camp found in Argentina

A prehistoric campsite discovered in Argentina is evidence that humans first began visiting the area 14,000 years ago. Writing in PLoS One, the researchers describe a number of reasons why a bunch of sharp-edged rocks and broken animal bones point to a 14,000-year-old human occupation of Argentina. First of all, there

Homo erectus footprints found in East Africa

Researchers working in Eritrea have discovered fossilized footprints that may have been made by Homo erectus some 800,000 years ago. Today, the area lies in the middle of an arid desert, but 800,000 years ago the environment was very different. The fossilized footprints, which are almost indistinguishable to those of modern man,