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Badger unearths 4,200-year-old remains in Ireland

A badger in Ireland has unearthed ancient human remains dating back 4,200 years. The bones were found near one of the many ancient burial sites located at the Cavan Burren Park by historian Séamus Ó hUltacháin, as well as archaeologists Sam Moore from IT Sligo, Vicki Cummings of the University of

Medieval skeletons found in Ireland

Four medieval skeletons have been found in the graveyard at St. Mary's Church beneath just 14 inches of soil. The skeletons were located just 0.35m from the surface and, once records of them in the ground have been completed and analysed, have to be archaeologically excavated with permission from the National

Student finds medieval brooch in Ireland

A student visiting Ireland discovered a 12th-century kite brooch during a tour of Omey Island. “I kept it with me until I caught up with Michael and he was very intrigued. He had me take him back to the site at which I found it. I didn't fully realize how important

2,000-year-old Bog Butter found in Ireland

2,000-year-old "bog butter" has been found 12 feet below the surface in the Emlagh Bog in Ireland. Bog butter was often buried to preserve it to be dug up at a later date. Other research has shed light on it being buried as an offering to the gods or spirits in

WWI-era training trenches found in Ireland

Archaeologists working in Ireland have uncovered WWI training trenches near the Ballykinler army base. Near the firing ranges of Ballykinler army camp in County Down, archaeologists have been excavating trenches used for training during World War One. The trenches were found in an overgrown area of gorse near the camp The hope is

Ireland inhabited 2,500 years earlier than thought

A butchered brown bear bone is pushing back the date of habitation in Ireland to 12,500-years ago, 2,500 years earlier than previously thought. Radiocarbon dating of a butchered brown bear bone, which has been stored in a cardboard box at the National Museum of Ireland for almost 100 years, has established

Toppled tree reveals medieval burial

A toppled tree in Ireland has exposed the Christian burial of a teenager who lived between 1030-1200 A.D. The skeleton of a Medieval teenager has literally burst from the ground when storms in Sligo, Ireland, blew over a massive, centuries-old beech tree, revealing bones entangled in the roots. “The upper part of