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Medieval castle found in Poland

The remains of a 14th-century castle has been found on an island in the Czerna Wielka River in Poland. The castle we have discovered has been known only from medieval documents, because the area where the ruins are located is on the military training ground used until the 1990s" - told

Medieval kiln unearthed in England

A rare medieval pottery kiln has been found in southeastern England. The kiln would have been stoked by wood from nearby trees to produce water pots, for example. Mr Crummy said while about 40 Roman kilns had been found around Colchester this one, which is well preserved, is a rare find in

Unusual medieval burials found in Siberia

Unusual burials of three crouched individuals dating back to the 11th century have been found in Siberia. Unique crouched burials for this period - comprising seriously ill quartet - presents archeologists with a puzzle. The find of four graves from the 11th century site Yur-Yakha III are unlike anything else seen from

Medieval graffiti surveyed in Bolton

Archaeologists are looking around Bolton, England, for medieval markings designed to ward off evil. Such symbols were carved on to stone or woodwork near entrances including doorways, windows and fireplaces to protect those living there from witches and evil spirits, as well as danger. Ian Trumble, chairman of Bolton Archaeology and

Remains of pilgrim found at Medieval leprosy hospital

The remains of a Christian pilgrim have been found at the medieval cemetery at St. Mary Magdalen leprosarium in Winchester, England. The pilgrim's burial was excavated as part of a larger, eight-year-long archaeological project focusing on the leprosarium of St Mary Magdalen. Over 100 individual burials were discovered at this site,

Remains of medieval horse found at Roman Colosseum

The remains of a medieval horse have been found near the steps to the basement of the Colosseum in Rome. The find was made while cleaning the area around the steps to the monument's basement, Rome's Superintendent for Archaeology Francesco Prosperetti said. The horse's skull dates back to between the 12th and

Medieval buildings found at Pembroke Castle

A geophysical survey carried out at Pembroke Castle in Wales has identified patches on the ground suggesting possible outlines for medieval buildings. Neil Ludlow, consultant archaeologist, said it shone new light on the castle. Much of the interior of the castle, which dates from the 11th Century, was destroyed after the Middle