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Neanderthal plaque DNA analyzed

Researchers have compared the plaque found in the teeth of Neanderthals in Spain to Neanderthals living in Belgium, learning that the Spanish Neanderthals were vegetarians while those who lived in Belgium ate rhinoceros and sheep. In a 2013 study, a team led by Cooper sequenced preserved plaque to uncover upheavals in

Neanderthal DNA still influences health today

I recently got my genes sequenced and found out that I am made up of 2.8% Neanderthal DNA. Turns out that some of those genes are still affecting my health today. Neanderthals are still affecting what illnesses some people develop, how tall they are and how their immune systems work, despite

Evidence of Neanderthal cannibalism found in Belgium

Bone fragments found in the Goyet caves in Belgium are evidence of cannibalistic behaviour among Neanderthals. There is evidence of skinning, cutting up, and extraction of bone marrow. Lead scientist Professor Herve Bocherens, from the University of Tubingen in Germany, said: "These indications allow us to assume that the Neanderthals practised cannibalism. "The

Climate change contributed to Neanderthal demise

New research suggests that climate change may have been one of the factors contributing to the extinction of the Neanderthals. Hodgkins examined bones discovered in caves once inhabited by Neanderthals in southwestern France for marks demonstrating how the carcasses of deer and other animals were butchered and used for food. During

Neanderthals used toothpicks

Traces of bark, found in Spain's El Sidrón Cave, with fossilized plaque on them suggest that Neanderthals used them as toothpicks. The scientists said they were mostly after the fossilized plaque known as dental calculus. It's the same stuff a hygienist will scrape off your teeth if you haven't done a

Neanderthal bone fragment found in Denisova Cave

A new technique used to determine a species just by looking at it's bones has identified a Neanderthal bone in Russian Denisova Cave. On discovering that one 2.5 cm-long piece of bone had a clear human fingerprint, Sam Brown said: 'When the ZooMS results showed that there was a human fingerprint

Neanderthal diet revealed

Isotope composition research carried out the remains of neanderthals have revealed that their diets consisted of large plant eaters like mammoths and rhinos as well as plants. The paleo-diet is one of the new trends among nutrition-conscious people – but what exactly did the meal plan of our extinct ancestors include?