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12,000-year-old remains analyzed in Mexico

The 12,000-year-old remains of a girl recovered from an underwater cave in Mexico has undergone new analysis by a team of researchers. The bones show that the girl, whom researchers nicknamed Naia, is likely to have travelled long distances on foot, but didn’t carry much on her journeys. The skeleton also

Remains of pilgrim found at Medieval leprosy hospital

The remains of a Christian pilgrim have been found at the medieval cemetery at St. Mary Magdalen leprosarium in Winchester, England. The pilgrim's burial was excavated as part of a larger, eight-year-long archaeological project focusing on the leprosarium of St Mary Magdalen. Over 100 individual burials were discovered at this site,

16th-century remains found in FLorida

Human remains, believed to belong to settlers to arrived in Florida in the 16th century, have been found in St. Augustine, Florida. Halbirt said the remains buried underneath Charlotte Street near King Street could date back to the 1500s. “The possibility exists that some of the original settlers here in St. Augustine

Recovered bones may belong to Amelia Earhart

Bones recovered from the island of Nikumaroro in the Republic of Kiribati may belong to the pilot Amelia Earhart who disappeared in 1937. "Until we started investigating the skeleton, we found what history knew was that Amelia Earhart died in July 2nd, 1937, in a plane crash. But there is an

Mastodon remains found in Michigan may have been butchered

The 11,000-13,000-year-old remains of a mastodon found in Michigan bears evidence of being butchered by humans. The most complete ice age mastodon skeleton found in Michigan in decades was recovered last weekend by a team of University of Michigan researchers and teachers in Tuscola County in the state’s thumb region. The recovery,

Badger unearths 4,200-year-old remains in Ireland

A badger in Ireland has unearthed ancient human remains dating back 4,200 years. The bones were found near one of the many ancient burial sites located at the Cavan Burren Park by historian Séamus Ó hUltacháin, as well as archaeologists Sam Moore from IT Sligo, Vicki Cummings of the University of

800-year-old skeleton bears marks of boomerang death

An ancient skeleton found in Australias Toorale National Park has a wound consistent with that of being struck by a boomerang. Kaakutja's main head wound was about 6 inches (15 centimeters) long, meaning the weapon must have had a blade at least this length, the scientists reasoned. In their study, which