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Roman gold coins found in the Netherlands

A hoard of gold Roman coins has been unearthed in an orchard in the Netherlands. A hoard of coins dating from the final days of the Roman Empire has been found in an orchard in Gelderland. Experts believe the fortune was buried by a Frankish military leader in the second half of

Cat’s paw print found on Roman roof tile

A cat's paw print has been found on a 1st century A.D. Roman roof tile. After the wet clay had been moulded into shape, the tiles were spread out and left to dry before firing. It was while this tile was still wet that our prowling cat must have walked across it,

Roman bathhouse found in southeast England

The remains of a private Roman bathhouse have been found in Chichester's Priory Park in England. James Kenny, an archaeologist, said: “It’s almost unique to see Roman remains survive in this type of setting and to be so complete.” The dig has uncovered the remains of the hot room and its hypocaust,

1,800-year-old kiln found in England

A kiln dating back 1,800 years has been found in the Roman town of Verulamiium in southeastern England. The burnt remains of a 1,800-year-old kiln, use to create pottery, have been unearthed at Verulamium after essential work began to re-lay a gas pipe, giving archaeologists the opportunity to dig deep underground. The

Underground temple found at Roman fortress

An underground fortress, dating back 1,700 years, has been found at a Roman fortress in Turkey. The castle, which once served as military premises, is situated on a 55,200-square-meter area surrounded with walls stretching 12 to 15 meters high and 1,200 meters long, along with a 21-meter high watchtower and guard

Traces of Roman city found in southern England

Traces of the Roman town of Verulamium have been found in Southern England. Recent gas main works in Verulamium Park revealed the location of the corner of the town wall and a previously unknown house – the area was formerly believed to have been the location for a road. Verulamium was the

Roman settlements and road found in northern England

Evidence of wealthy Roman settlements and a section of Roman roadway have been uncovered in North Yorkshire. Construction work to upgrade Britain's longest road into a major highway has revealed a treasure trove of rare artifacts from one of the earliest and wealthiest Roman settlements in the country. The findings include ancient

Metro construction uncovered ancient Roman aqueduct

Metro construction in Rom has led to the discovery of a 100-foot-long section of 2,300-year-old aqueduct. It measures two metres tall, and is made up of equally-sized blocks arranged in five rows. As for location, it lies 17-18 metres below Rome's Piazza Celimontana, slightly to the south-east of the Colosseum in