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Glass spearhead found on Australian island

A spearhead made of green glass has been found on the Australian prison island of Rottnest. A bright green glass spearhead believed to have been made by Aboriginal prisoners on Rottnest Island 100 years ago has been discovered by students during a university excursion. Professor Len Collard from The University of Western

Bronze Age weapons found in Scotland

3,000-year-old swords and spearheads have been found on the Isle of Coll in Scotland. Jill Harden, RSPB Scotland Reserves Archaeologist, said: “This is the first discovery of this size from Argyll for many years. The items were recovered from what had once been a freshwater loch. It seems that they had

Variety of treasures found in United Arab Emirates

Archaeologists in Umm Al Quwain, one of the United Arab Emirates, have discovered a variety of treasures ranging from 5,000 year old pottery, to bronze spreadheads from the first millennium BC. The team also found a number of iron tridents, known to have been used in the first century BC. Some