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German WWI submarine found off Scottish coast

A German U-boat from the first World War has been found off the coast of Scotland by a team laying down undersea power cables. The wreck of a German U-boat that sank almost 100 years ago has been discovered by engineers laying subsea power cables. Remarkable sonar images show the missing World

WWII Submarine found near Denmark

The wreckage of the HMS Tarpon, sunk in 1940 by an armed German merchant vessel, has been found off the coast of Denmark. HMS Tarpon was destroyed by a heavily armed German merchant vessel with the loss of at least 50 British lives on 10 April 1940. The wreck, which was

Bronze bell recovered from WWII Japanese mega-sub

A bronze bell has been recovered from a WWII-era Imperial Japanese Navy mega-submarines suck by U.S. forces in 1946. At the end of WWII, the U.S. Navy captured five Japanese subs, including the I-400, and brought them to Pearl Harbor for inspection. When the Soviet Union demanded access to the submarines

Concretions to be removed from H.L. Hunley

The H.L. Hunley, a Civil War submarine, is set to undergo a procedure to remove concretions of sand and shell that have accumulated along the hull. The 76,000-gallon holding tank the Hunley rests in will be filled for the first time with a chemical solution designed to save the fragile iron

WWII Japanese submarine found off Hawaiian coast

The remains of a scuttled WWII-era Japanese submarine has been found off the coast of Oahu. Researchers in Hawaii have found a mammoth World War II-era Japanese submarine scuttled by the U.S. Navy in 1946 to keep its advanced technology out of the hands of the Soviet Union. The Hawaii Undersea Research

40+ sunken German U-boats found off English coast

British archaeologists have found more than 40 German U-boats and three English submarines off the coast of England. All of the sunken U-boats are relatively close to the coast, at depths of no more than 15 meters (about 50 feet). The diving archeologists will undoubtedly find the remains of sailors with