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Ten rock-hewn tombs found in Egypt

Ten tombs dating back Egypt's Late Period (664 B.C. - 332 B.C.) have been found in Aswan. Embalming materials for Middle Kingdom vizier Ipi rediscovered on Luxor's west bank During excavation work in the area neighbouring the Agha Khan mausoleum on Aswan’s west bank, an Egyptian mission from the Ministry of Antiquities

Mural tomb unearthed in China

A large tomb dating back to 600 A.D. has been found in China. A blue monster, a winged horse and a nude deity known as the master of wind are just a few examples of fantastic images that archaeologists recently discovered in a 1,400-year-old tomb in China. "The murals of this tomb

Mycenaean tomb found in Greece

A Mycenaean chamber tomb has been found on the Greek island of Salamis. A Mycenean chamber tomb with grave goods dating to the 13th-12th centuries BCE has been discovered in the centre of the main town on the island of Salamina, Greece, during a project meant to link a home with the central

Miniature looms found in Chinese tomb

Miniature silk looms have been found in a. 2,100-year-old tomb in China. Tiny wooden figurines have stood upright "weaving" at appropriately sized looms for more than 2,100 years in a Chinese tomb containing the remains of a middle-age woman, a new study finds. The discovery of the miniature scene astonished archaeologists, who

3,500-year-old tomb unearthed in Luxor

Archaeologists working in Luxor have unearthed a major tomb dating back to the 18th dynasty. He said that, despite having been reused in the Late Period, the tomb still contains most of its original funery collection. The contents include well-preserved wooden coffins decorated with coloured scenes, as well as wooden funerary masks

Assyrian tomb found in Iraq

A vaulted brick tomb dating back between the 7th-9th centuries B.C., has been found in the Zagros Mountains in Iraq. Inside the tomb, which was constructed with baked bricks, archaeologists discovered three ceramic sarcophagi holding two skeletons. Eight other skeletons were found on the ground around the tomb, said Goran M.

Pomegranate seeds found in ancient tomb

More than 100 pomegranate seeds dating back 2,000 years have been found in an ancient tomb in China. According to the regional institute of archaeology, the discovery was made during the excavation of a civilian tomb, dating between the middle and late Western Han Dynasty (206 B.C.- 25 A.D.) and early