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Toad bones found in Canaanite tomb

A jar of toad bones has been found in a 4,000-year-old Canaanite tomb. A 4,000-year-old Canaanite “burial kit” has been found in Jerusalem that includes an afterlife snack pack of nine decapitated toads. Discovered in a salvage excavation near Jerusalem’s Biblical zoo, a set of intact jars and their contents shed

18th-dynasty Egyptian tomb excavated

Archaeologists in Egypt have excavated a 3,500-year-old tomb in the Draa Abul Naga necropolis on Luxor’s west bank. The entrance leads to a squared chamber where a niche with a duo statue depicting the tomb owner and his wife is found on one end. The statue shows Amenemhat sitting on a

Roman-era tombs uncovered in Egypt

Five Roman-era tombs have been found at the Beir Al-Shaghala necropolis in Egypt. The first tomb has an entrance leading to a rectangular hall with two burial chambers while the second has a vaulted ceiling and its entrance leads to a burial chamber. The third tomb is a pyramid-shaped tomb. The mission

Ptolemaic-era tombs unearthed in Egypt

Three rock-cut tombs dating back to the Ptolemaic era have been found in Upper Egypt. Ashmawy describes the discovery as "very important" because it reveals more secrets from the El-Kamil El-Sahrawi archaeological site. During previous excavation work, the mission uncovered about 20 tombs built in the catacomb architectural style, which was widespread

Monumental tomb found near Pompeii

A monumental tomb has been discovered in Porta Stabia, Italy. A brawl between gladiators that ended in tragedy, narrated by Tacitus, and a mysterious character that probably died in it is a 2,000-year-old mystery of Pompeii brought to light by a marble monumental tomb with the longest funerary epigraph ever found.

4,000-year-old tombs found in Romania

Nine Bronze Age tombs have been found in eastern Romania. “Some tombs are located closer to the surface and were not so well preserved because of the agriculture works. But those deeper in the ground have rich inventories. Each tomb usually has a minimum of three jugs. There are also bronze

Neolithic tomb unearthed in England

Archaeologists digging ahead of construction in northern England have uncovered a Neolithic barrow. A 5,000 year old complete funeral urn has been excavated on housing development land in Silsden. The late Neolithic pot was dug up from the site of an ancient barrow in what archaeologists have described as an ‘exciting find.’ Arrow

Ancient tomb tourist graffiti studied

Researchers at the University of Warsaw have completed a 3D record of tourist graffiti found on the walls of the tomb of Ramesses VI. "I visited and I did not like anything except the sarcophagus!"; "I admired!" "I can not read the hieroglyphs!" - these are some of the inscriptions read