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Vikings may have grown grapes

Grape seeds found at a Viking site suggest that the people have grown grapes, possibly for the production of wine. Results of the analysis could be the final piece of evidence needed to prove that wine was produced in Denmark during the Viking era, says the report. “This is the first discovery

Golden horse bridle fittings found in Viking grave

The gilded fittings of a horse's bridle have been recovered from a Viking grave in Denmark. “The artefacts that we’ve already found are exquisite gilded fittings from a horse bridle. This type of bridle would only be available to the most powerful of people in the Viking Age, and we believe

Woman in Danish Viking grave was born in Norway

Researchers have determined that a woman found buried in a Viking grave in Denmark was born in Norway. “She has had bronze buckles in a warm orange-yellow colour, decorated silver jewellery capsules and a string of glass and metal pearls,” Stidsing told “She must have been quite a sight when she

Viking manor house found in Sweden

A viking manor hall, measuring more than 130 feet long, has been discovered in Sweden. Thanks to high-resolution geophysical surveys carried out in September 2016, researchers now believe they have located one of the most important Viking halls of the era, situated in the harbour bay of Korshamn, outside of Birka's

1,000-year-old tomb found in Denmark

A large tomb dating back 1,000 years has been found in Denmark. Bjarne Henning Nielsen, an archaeologist based in northern Jutland, believes that he may have found the tomb of the famous Viking chief Ulv Galiciefarer, the great-grandfather of Valdemar the Great, who was king of Denmark from 1157-1182. “It’s just a

Shrine to Viking King found in Norway

Archaeologists have unearthed the wooden foundations of a church where the body of King Olaf Haraldsson was taken in 1031 after he was canonized as a saint. The site is in Trondheim, where Olaf was buried after his death in battle. After locals began circulating stories about miracles credited to the

Viking toolbox found in Denmark

A Viking toolbox, containing 14 iron tools, has been found at a Viking fortress in Denmark. Collections of tools from the Viking Age are exceptionally rare. Iron was worth a lot to the Vikings and if anyone had discovered discarded tools, they would have melted them down to repurpose for something

Viking rune stone discovered in Sweden

A Viking-era rune stone has been found near the site of a medieval church in Sweden. "The stone is known from before. It was depicted in the 17th century and when the medieval church was torn down in the 19th century we have written records that mention the stone as lost